Sunday, December 1, 2013

Camille and Sedona

When Sedona was a young dog, she would bounce in circles around us and squeak like a tea kettle. As she aged, the bouncing and squeaking subsided until they both pretty much disappeared.  Wednesday night when she first saw Camille, she squeaked and leaned into Camille for all she was worth.

Today, she is still squeaking but the volume and intensity have dropped.  At noon time, Sedona's eyes looked a little tired so we gave her a Tramadol and one of her raw food chunks.  Mistake.  After mucking the front pasture, I pushed the cart up the driveway and it activated the front gate.  Sedona made a mad dash and slipped out.  I caught Kersey and held her by the collar until the gate closed and then set out up the road after Sedona.

Sedona was happy to have me join her on her walk; she just didn't want to be caught and brought back home.  She jogged ahead of me, close enough to see me and hear my pleading but far enough back that I couldn't catch her.

She headed up a steep driveway, circled the house, went down a hill, barked at some dogs and then trotted up a steep embankment to the next property.

I followed behind, walking, jogging, scrambling, and calling.  Fortunately, there was a couple out in the yard swinging their three year old under a large oak.  I circled the house, the pool, the raised deck and the sloping yard twice.  Then Sedona made the mistake of going in their garage.  She lowered her head to the ground and plodded over to me.

The benefit of having a tall dog is that you can easily loop your fingers under her collar to lead her home; no leash required.

Camille and I aren't so sure that the pain pill was a good idea.

Now if she can just hold on until Christmas, she will have both Kyle and Camille to squeak about.


  1. Sedona and Camille are both looking gorgeous. So nice that your sweet old dog still has a lot of spirit left in her.

  2. They look so beautiful together :)

    Welcome to join my blog

  3. I think Cookie will be like that in her old age! I'm so glad the pills are giving her a new lease of life. Fingers crossed for Christmas!

  4. Oh I hope so too. Beautiful photos of a love like no other. Hug B

  5. I was hesitant to read this in case of a really sad ending but I am glad I did.

  6. Oh, bless her sweet, old heart...she felt good enough to be naughty. That's wonderful!! She is beautiful Annette.


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