Wednesday, December 11, 2013

And on the Fifth Day There Was Water

You don't really want the boring details but suffice it to say that we have water tonight.  The well company came out yesterday and fixed part of the frozen well.  The bigger issue is getting heat in the well house so it doesn't freeze again.  We can't run off of the well pump, we need a separate outlet.  So, the electricians were here all day today trying to find a line to use.  There are wires that start and stop in the middle of nowhere. They aren't live, and they can't be traced enough to be used.

There was a generator running all day to power a heater so the water thawed.  Brett wrapped the pipes in the little bit of insulation he had left and then added towels and rugs.  Fingers crossed that the water is still running in the morning.

The weather warmed up today to almost 50 and the snow is starting to melt.  Patches of dirt are appearing here and there but we are still covered in snow for the most part.  It will be warmer every day through the weekend.

My favorite part of snowfall is the way the trees look immediately afterwards, before the wind and the sun knock the piles of powder off the boughs.  What is your favorite part?


  1. Annette, I am so far behind reading... but I want to tell you we have gone through the same thing with our well. We were able to hang a chick light (heat lamp red bulb) in the well house to keep the filter from freezing up. I asked Keith to climb down there three nights ago, I was scared to death of waking up with animals to water and NO water.
    I'm so glad yours is back on... the chick light has worked for us for four years now.

  2. Gorgeous shots. So glad you have water!

  3. Hallelujah for simple things like running water. Sorry it was such a struggle. All part of getting to know the new place.

  4. Good news!

    Apparently you're still in the "shakedown cruise" phase of your beautiful new property. Hoping all utilities / creature comforts are sorted out now. :D

  5. I'm so glad you have at least some of your water problem solved. And those oaks, there are no words, one can just sit here and look and feel one's spirit becoming enriched.

  6. Oh, your pictures really are beautiful...I just love snow covered trees with blue sky backgrounds. Lovely. Very good news about the water! Hope everything gets resolved. We've warmed up to the mid 40's too, had some freezing rain last night which was not fun, but we're back to normalcy (read mud) today.


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