Saturday, December 14, 2013

Starting to Feel Like Christmas

When Camille was up Thanksgiving week, we went out to Camino to get a Christmas tree at one of the many tree farms in the area. We were looking for a small tree to fit in the family room but we also found a tall narrow tree -- perfect for the entry, with a star peaking up above the upstairs landing. We bought both trees and brought them home.

We put the trees in water, in the barn, and there they sat until last weekend. In the midst of the snow storm, Brett broke the frozen water off of the base of the tall tree and we brought it into the house. I decorated it with red and gold lights and bulbs. It is the "formal" tree.

Today, Brett brought the smaller one in and I decorated it with multi-colored lights and ornaments with meaning; gifts from friends and ornaments handmade by the kids when they were small. Hanging the popsicle stick snowman and glitter crusted frames brings back memories.

In just a little more than a week they will be home. They are all grown up and living their own lives, but tonight my memory travels back to the days when there were Legos and dolls under the tree. My memory is selective, of course, choosing to ignore how lonely I was in that marriage and the constant exhaustion that went with the work of mothering small children. It's easy now to sit on the couch, sipping on hot tea, and selectively choose a memory here and there.

(Many thanks to Camille who gave me all these pictures)


  1. Ohh that treelooks very beautiful , such a festive atmospehre

  2. Love the picture of the kids! Adorable shot of all of you. Hope it is now warmer out there and all systems are go.

  3. very sweet. yup, remember the good times. :)

  4. Getting your tree looked like fun. Ah yes the nostalgia of old holiday memories are bittersweet but so touching.
    The tree looks very pretty all decked out !

  5. I love that photo of you and the kids! Enjoy having them with you for Christmas!


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