Friday, December 2, 2011

VIMCC Meets Again

The winds died down last night and today was cold, clear and calm.  The heart shaped leaf pile was still in place this morning so I took a picture.  It's stretched out a bit since yesterday but still looks pretty good.

The leaves on the trees are pretty much gone.  There are still a few clinging to the Italian Poplars on the back driveway, but the driveway itself has been swept clean.  No more crunchy, gold leaves underfoot.

Today was the annual holiday meeting of the VIMCC (Very Important Managed Care Committee).  This is a group of women, whom I met through work.  We started meeting over 15 years ago after an impromptu decision to have tea while at a conference in Santa Barbara.  Since then, our tea group has met quarterly or semi-annually, although in the past few years its been once a year, just the holidays.  We've changed members and scattered but we're all still friends.

I volunteered to make scones.  I got busy right after finishing chores and they came out of the oven just in time for me to make the drive to Linda's house.
Orange zest for the dough

Gathering the ingredients

Flour, sugar, salt, eggs, baking powder, orange zest, heavy cream and cranberries

Divide in half, pat into a circle and cut into wedges

Bake on a parchment lined baking sheet until brown.

Ready to go!
Linda, who is an original member of the group, was the hostess.  She did a beautiful job and put out quite an extensive spread of food: chicken, broccoli salad, dips, rolls and served up Poinsettias to drink (champagne and cranberry juice).

Karen and Sandie were also there.  They are also part of the first group we formed all those years ago in Santa Barbara.  Karen bailed on healthcare a number of years ago and opened her own business. 

This next picture is for Terri.  She was also an original member -- until she married, went to chef school (as did her husband, an attorney originally), and then ditched California and healthcare to run the wonderful Silverthatch Inn and restaurant in Virginia.  We miss her!
Maureen, Joanne, yours truly, Karen and Linda
Sandie brought a fruit salad

Maureen brought the real deal macaroons.

Linda set a beautiful table
...and we feasted, and talked, and drank champagne, and laughed.  For hours.  It was wonderful.


  1. Annette - I must say, you really know how to live! :)

  2. excuse me! I helped gather the incredirnts too, (the eggs). And who took the pictures of your hands? Thank you very much.

  3. that is so cool! what a great group to keep going! :)

    and hurray that the winds have fallen off!

  4. Wish I had been there! Yum. You and your friends know how to do it!

    PS - Thank you Brett!

  5. Great time,great food, and great cookers!!!!


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