Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Ceramic Gifts

Sylvie asked to see the ceramic gifts Camille made me for Christmas.  Here they are:

Matching coffee cups and a tall, dramatic vase.

And a smaller vase and prep bowl.  I don't know what the firing process is called on these -- Camille told me and I forgot -- but it isn't traditional.  She said that they are quite fragile -- maybe it's called pit firing -- because of the different process.  I love the rubbed metal look that they have.  And the vase matches my native American made sculpture from Taos that I love so much.


  1. oh, yeah! that vase/pot is my favorite! the steely metal look is great!

  2. Nice, I love the bowl and native American sculpture.

  3. I love them all, but I think the mugs are my favorite. I can tell you the stuff I get back from the paint your own pottery place looks nothing like this! LOL Great job Camille...!

  4. They are lovely.

    Annette, I am catching up on blogs, and just read your previous post. I am so very sorry, dear.

  5. Is it Raku firing?


  6. Ooo! I love that you have artwork from Taos NM. There are some wonderfully talented artisans up in the Taos area.
    That rubbed metal look has such a rustic patina, it looks so old world and beautiful.

    As I was scrolling down your blog while reading, at first I thought that the blue vase was a cowboy boot because of it's shape and the texture looks sort of like a bandana. :)



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