Thursday, December 15, 2011

Frosty Morning

Last night we had heavy fog, followed by temperatures in the upper 20Fs.  Result: very heavy frost this morning. 

Sedona didn't mind the cold at all.  She grabbed an apple off the tree and plopped herself down on the frosty grass to eat it.  Better choice Sedona; apples are good, chickens are not.

After I put hay in the pasture and let the horses out of the barn to eat, I noticed that Flash had obviously slept well in the freshly bedded straw in his stall.

Jackson had slept well, too.  However, his hind foot was bothering him yesterday (thrush, I'm sure) so he didn't take his business outside his stall.  He used his straw and then slept in it. 

Get a load of this, Lori.  I don't think Abbe's ever looked this disgusting.

By the time I finished chores, the sun was up and the frost was melting away.

The blue sky didn't last long.  When I got home tonight, it was pouring rain and 37F.  The horses were not pleased.  They were drenched when I brought them into the barn.  The rain wasn't supposed to start until later tonight and then it was only a 20% chance...  Dang those weather reports!!  It took me 2 1/2 hours to get home and rescue the beasties.  Brett is working a double shift -- left at 5:00 this morning and will be home after midnight -- so he couldn't help with chores today.   I rubbed them down with a towel, gave Flash and Jackson a cookie and begged for forgiveness.  Kalvin wasn't too wet (he has a run-in shed in his paddock) and he didn't even look up from his hay when I offered him a cookie. 

I've got the wood stove going in the great room and in the bedroom.  I've got oatmeal cooking on the stove.  I will be warm shortly.


  1. So my question is: when the horses got wet from the rain, did it wash them off and clean them up?

  2. i like brett's question! so true - at least one can hope!

    i'd hate to have your commute on days of bad weather! ugh! Dallas was bad enough - and yes, depending on accidents, it could take over 2 hours on occasion.

  3. Wonderful frosty morning photos! Hope Jackson is feeling better too.

  4. The poo pillow strikes again!


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