Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Brett is Busy

Today was my Wednesday telecommuting day.  While I worked on the computer, Brett was busy in the garage.  We were expecting a truck load of wood in the mid morning and he wanted to get the garage ready.  He cleaned out the wood rack, stacking all the remaining pieces of wood in the house wood box. 

As I was reading and responding to my email, I heard the shop vac going in the garage.  Odd, I thought.  Wouldn't it make more sense to vacuum after we stack the wood?  I opened the door to investigate...

Brett was in a spring cleaning kind of mood.  He vacuumed all his shelves and made a pile of unused/we will never need stuff to take to Goodwill. old VCR, a duplicate ice cream maker, the components of my stereo system pre-iPod... 

The wood arrived and we got to work stacking it, nice and neat.  We have a system:  I stack the wood in our big green garden cart and wheel it over to him.  While he neatly and precisely stacks the garden cart pieces, I scout for kindling size pieces and put them in the little area to the left of the "official" stack.  I'm not allowed to touch the official stack.  Brett has a method...

Meanwhile, Kersey drags as many pieces as she can into the dog yard.


  1. oh, your pup made me LOL!!! so cute!

  2. LOL...but we all could use some Brett methods in our daily living LOL if I had a quarter for every time that I had to redo something because I didnt plan ahead of time or did it in a hurry...

    and you could wrap up a piece for Kersey as a Holiday gift and i bet she would be pleased to have her very own!

  3. at least you've learned i have a method and like certain things done my way. i love you for that, (not giving me a hard time about my "methods").

  4. That Brett is something. You'd better keep him!

  5. Can you and Brett come to my house? I have a few chores for you. And I would love my garage to look so tidy!

  6. Hi Annette,

    I've been reading your poetry blog for quite some time, and it's taken me this long to find your other blog! Geez, I'm not feeling very bright. Anyway, I'm a follower now.

  7. "I'm not allowed to touch the official stack." You crack me up.

    My old lumber stack was on my side of a fence line shared with my elderly, old school type of male person neighbor.

    He came to me one day saying he wanted to paint the fence. I replied that I would happily de-stack the wood first thing in the morning.

    He said he'd be glad to de and re-stack the wood. I countered with a - no, I'd hate to put you to the trouble - I'll get right to it.

    We went around about ten rounds before I finally had to give in - it took everything I had to do so politely. ;)

  8. Brett reminds me of my husband- always doing something. My dog also likes to 'rescue' sticks. :)


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