Saturday, December 17, 2011

There Goes The Sun

This morning we woke to sunny skies.  Although the air was chilly while we did chores, the sun was warm and we talked about a day full of outside projects.  Brett planned to ride Flash, cover the holes in the barn siding by the donkeys (again), and move compost.  I planned to start pruning the fruit trees, wash the dirty spots off Jackson, and spread compost in the orchard.
Jackson's good side. 

Jackson's other side.  He sure does look like a Paint.  A Poopy Paint.
Excuse me, what did you just call me??!!
He's walking a bit better on his Duck Tape brand duct tape foot. It's sort of like Kleenex here in the US -- the real name is facial tissue, but we all say Kleenex.  Same with the Duck Tape.  It's the most common brand of duct tape. 

While we were eating breakfast, the sun left and the clouds moved in.  By the time we went outside, it looked like this:

We got to work.  By lunchtime it was dark and threatening rain.  By then, I pruned four fruit trees but I didn't try to clean up Jackson.  It was too cold with the sun gone.  The dogs kept me company.
While I pruned the trees, Brett rode Flash and the dogs picked the remaining apples from the trees.

The goats were making noise in the background.  I'm not sure if Bella had jumped out again.  If she did, Sedona chased her right back in.  Kersey was tracking the activity -- and giving herself whiplash.  Stay with mom?  Go with Sedona?  Such difficult decisions --

I walked over to check on the goats.  All of them were standing on top of the tallest boulder.  I guess it's easier to keep an eye on Sedona that way...

Whiskey, Little Bear, Thistle, Bella, Cowboy
After lunch, it started to rain.  Brett went back out to work some more (macho macho man) but I'm staying inside.  I need to make an apple upside down cake to take to a party this evening.  And working in a freezing rain isn't my idea of a good time.


  1. Love your new header picture. Those goats are too adorable, can't believe you got them all standing like that for such a great picture. Cute video too.

    Hope Jackson's foot is doing better. Isn't Duct Tape just the greatest invention. I sympathize with you cleaning him up but he's not half as filthy as our muddy piglets. Enjoy your apple cake tonight.

    Have a Merry Christmas if I don't get back here. Busy time of year.

  2. Oh - just when you think that goats couldn't get any cuter...

    Hoping the duct tape works its magic on Jackson.

    Apple upside down cake sounds delish!

  3. the goats on the rock are too precious! and the apple-eating lab is adorable! (like you said, better than chickens!)

  4. The goats on the rock are absolutely adorable. Looks like a team photo.

  5. The goats on the boulder are just too cute!

    My, Jackson sure made a mess of himself.

  6. Love those last two goatie pictures. So nice to see your dirty horse...makes me feel better.


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