Saturday, December 3, 2011

Its Not Going Away

In the mornings when we wake up, we can see the barn through the french doors in our bedroom.  This morning when the dogs woke us up and wanted out at 6:00, it was cold but still not light enough to see the barn.  We dozed off and when we looked back outside at 7:00, this is what we saw:

It's hard to get out of bed when the barn roof is covered in frost.  So we didn't.  15 minutes later, Brett looked again and said "It's not going away."  Even though the sun was creeping over the top of the mountain, the frost was not melting.  Five minutes later, he repeated the statement.

When we finally dragged ourselves out of bed and down to the barn, it still hadn't started to melt.  We wore our beanies and I wore my heavy jacket.  The wind had picked up again and it was COLD. 

The horses were feeling frisky.  Brett opened Flash's stall door to let him nibble some hay on the barn aisle and Flash took the opportunity to push past Brett and race around the barn.  He was full of it!

 I flipped my point and shoot camera to video while I helped Brett get Flash back in his stall.  At one point, Flash tried to bite Sedona on her back so the picture gets a bit wobbly -- you'll hear me yell at Flash.  He didn't get anything more than a mouthful of fur but still...  what a brat!  Frisky horses, frisky goats. 

Beef stroganoff for dinner tonight.  And then sudoku in front of the fire. 


  1. full of piss and vinegar, as my father used to say... :)

  2. Well all that excitement will sure warm you up on a cold morning. lol!

    It's only 14F degrees here right now. It's been snowing since yesterday with more to come over the next couple days, and 5" on the ground so far.

    We had green chile pinto beans and pumpkin chocolate chip bars for dinner.


  3. Flash was feeling gooooood! I love your goats Annette. :)

    Still warm here - I'm thankful - even for the mosquitoes lol...

  4. Isnt Frost just perfect? Its never the same, always comes and goes, can be thick, thin, big crystals and fine small ones. But its just what it is, frozen water. So perfect.

  5. Flash doesn't like your sleeping in does he?

  6. Will you be breeding goats this year?


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