Friday, December 30, 2011

Horse Hunting

I have looked at hundreds of ads.  I almost went to see a horse today.  But, there was a typo on the ad and I thought he was four, but he's actually 14.

I'd like a horse somewhere between four and ten.  I'm hoping for a long term partnership and I prefer to train a green horse myself instead of retraining a horse who never learned correct half halts or to carry himself.  Of course, there are dressage horses out there with great training but they are way out of my price range.  So, a sensible green warmblood would work as would a well trained trail horse with no dressage experience.  I'm looking at tall QHs since I am tall with long dangly legs.  15.2h at a minimum.  Someone suggested Appendix QH and they are on my radar as well.  Jackson was a TB/QH cross and that worked well except for those dang TB feet -- flat and weak.  He's my third horse with TB blood (either full or cross) and they've all had bad feet.  I guess I'm a bit gun shy at this point.  I do so love the movement and heart of a TB though.

I'm trading emails about this warmblood.  He's four and sensible.  On the video, the trainer is clucking constantly and she said he needs to be ridden forward.  Hmmmm.  I don't want a horse that needs to be pushed forward.  But, lordy, he is beautiful.  (and expensive)

I've asked my trainer to get in touch with this horse's trainer and see what she thinks.  If she thinks he is worth trying, I will.  Otherwise I'll save the airfare to northern California.  And I won't need to rob a bank. 

...the search goes on...


  1. I can't clearly tell from the photo but it looks as though she's wearing spurs? A horse is no fun if you feel as though you should get off and push. Further evaluation required, as you say, and ask to take a serious contender on a trial basis first.

  2. ooh I love him, but then I'd love a three-legged, one-eyed, mangy old pony so long as it was mine!

    Happy horse hunting!

  3. yikes, he sure is pretty. but a 4 yr old that needs to be pressed? hmmm...

  4. One nice thing about an older horse is that if he is 14 with no major medical problems, than he is probably a healthy guy for the most part. With a younger horse, there is more of a guessing game since splints, early signs of laminitis, digestive, or performance issues may still be unknown for the young horse. Of course the downside is obvious and retraining a set in his ways trail horse to dressage does not sound like the training journey of your dreams.

    All horses are different, but I have only ridden one warmblood that I did not have to push. She was a rare ride, but you should definitely look for one like that if you like the TB go-button. Thankfully, quarter horses come in a wide range of sizes and conformations, so you may still be able to find what you are looking for in a nice QH or paint. Just can't beat the brain! But I do not have to tell you that. :)

  5. Finding a good horse is tough when you don't have oodles to spend. Sounds like you're off to a good start and know what you want.

  6. "Jackson was a TB/QH cross"

    WAS??? Uh oh! Did something happen to Jackson??

    Both of those horses sure are pretty. Are you also wanting a bay or chestnut horse so you won't have to work as hard to keep your new horse clean?
    I used to think I needed a taller horse, but after my knee surgery and my other wonky knee and hip arthritis, I just can't mount a horse from the ground very well if they are tall and out on the trails I can't always find a stump or rock to mount, so even though I'm 5'11" I'm sticking with a pony-sized horse. lol!
    Apache is my "Pony for a Grownie" mare :)

    Happy Horse Shopping to you!

  7. That is a beautiful 4 year old. What is he? It won't be easy to have a horse trained exactly the way you would have done it unless you have had it from the beginning. I guess you won't know until you get to ride them. Have a feeling you are going to be on a mission until you find the one that clicks. Glad you decided to look.

  8. Good luck in the search. It can be so frustrating. There are a lot of good horses our there for cheap though. The market here Ohio is horrible.

  9. Annette I am so sorry to hear about Jackson. I cried right along with you when I read that post. Those are pretty horses.To bad I live so far away I have a horse that sounds perfect for you. She will be coming Ten this Spring, she carries herself like a show pony, she's about 15 3 Purebred Morgan (Jade)She has a really good start on her but not too many bad habits ...yet. She is brave but careful and she has no trouble with forward movement.She also has excellent feet. Sweet,loves attention good on the trails, loads is good for the Farrier ...blah blah blah and did I say she's beautiful and you don't have to go rob a bank....just saying.I hope you have good luck shopping,sometimes it's not all that easy.I have one piece of advice for you.... try to forget about your beautiful Jackson while trying out new horses or you will find yourself comparing everything to him. The only reason I am offering it up is because I have and still do make the mistake of comparing all horses to my Texas....and ....well nothing will ever compare.You have to go at it with an open mind. Well that's my two cents worth ...sorry I couldn't help it.I hope you and Brett and all your critters have a safe and happy New Year.

  10. Happy Horse shopping! Lots of fun! p.s. I LOVE your header photo! How in the world did you get them all to stand there looking at you at the same time?!

  11. He's beautiful! I agree that it's no fun to ride a horse you have to urge forward every step, but I also think it's a lot easier to heat up a horse (grain for energy) than it is to chill a hot horse. Just a thought.

  12. I'm with Laughing Orca Ranch! Was?? Please tell me that's a typo!!


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