Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Handmade Gifts

My favorite gifts are handmade gifts.  I love when Brett builds me something for the garden.  I love receiving home made fudge and cookies from friends and neighbors.  And this year I hit the jackpot with gifts from my daughter Camille.  She is in her second year of ceramics at school; loves it and is talented to boot.  I took ceramics in high school as well and, while I loved the class, I was far from talented.  This year she gave me matching coffee mugs, a couple to-die-for vases and small bowl I will use for prep work in the kitchen.

AND ... I made gifts too!  I watched Michaele's tutorial and tried felting soap.  It was easy and fun and the results were pretty.  I ordered felting wool from a small family farm in Massachusetts, Cranberry Moon Farm, that raises Leicester sheep.  I like the idea of supporting small farms instead of going to the store and buying there.  The wool was beautiful.

I bought some soap and got to work.  I had to be sneaky because I was including Brett in the recipient list so I made the felted soaps on a day he was at work and then put them in the greenhouse to dry. 

I love the color of the natural fiber.  I used the light colored wool for soaps for the girls: my mom, my daughter, and Brett's son's girlfriend.

I used the dark wool for the boys: Brett, my dad, my son Kyle and Brett's son Scott.

The soaps smell wonderful and they are so soft.  I love the idea of having the soap and wool together like a built in wash cloth.  I hope everyone uses their soap .... and that they hold together.  ...kind of worried about that part. 


  1. so cool that you used michaele's tutorial! :)

  2. Annette! I love the felted soap. You did a beautiful job....wow! You can't beat homemade anything. Sounds like you are winding down a bit. Hope you and Brett are sitting by the fire with a big glass of wine.

  3. Catching up on your Chrstmas and I have to say, I'm as worn out as the pups! Lol

    The soap is wonderful, I never heard of felted soap before.

    Have a wonderful new year,

  4. Felted soap is new to me. The wool is wound around the soap? They look very interesting and soft. I really like homemade gifts, too. I got some delicious chocolate-covered pretzels from a student and his mom. Way better than store-bought!

    My husband and I put together some picture frames this year. We had some nice pictures from Hawaii and wanted to share them. I also had a nice photo of the barn owners on their horses together.

  5. The soaps are very attractive. You could build a scented decor with them. The wool needs to be voluminous enough to never fit down the drain, no matter what. I don't think my Kamikaze husband could be trusted with one, unless I wanted something to write about for my blog.

  6. Great job! Isn't it fun and satisfying to make these? I told my older girls that I was going teach them how while they are here. One said "just as long as it isn't anything like knitting".


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