Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When we weren't drinking wine...

Lori asked me write more about the B&B and the farm-to-table restaurant.  And I don't want you to think that all we did was blend and drink wine; although we did do quite a bit of that. 

We stayed at Creekside Bed & Breakfast in Paso Robles.  The property consists of a barn to the right, where there are two rooms.  We stayed downstairs in the Creekside room.  On the left is the main house and the tasting room.  The owners also have a winery, Per Cazo Cellars.  When you stay at the B&B you get to taste their wines and you are sent home with a complimentary bottle. 

The door to our room.

The patio outside our room.  The chairs are pointing towards the creek.
The B&B is located on a small road lined with wineries.  It's situated in a grove of oak trees, overlooking a creek.  Sitting on the patio, you can watch wild turkeys, deer and woodpeckers.  This time of year, the quiet is peppered with the sound of gunfire; it's hunting season. 

We also noticed that they have goats!  We had to go meet the critters, of course.

We were given directions to find a jar of Cheerios near the goat pen and instructed to only give them to the goats if they walk the plank. 

Friday night, Brett and I ate dinner at the Thomas Hill Organic restaurant.  I didn't take any pictures of the food.  Sorry!  The menu is built around what is in season and harvested from their farm.  The food is interesting, inventive and fun.  -- oh, and delicious.  Brett and I both had sea bass (their meat and fish is also organic or on the Monterey Bay Aquarium seafood watch safe list). 

After the wine blending party on Saturday, we drove down to San Luis Obispo to see my son and his campus apartment.  Then the three of us met my parents at Schooner's Wharf in Cayucus for dinner.  It's a casual place with an upstairs deck overlooking the ocean.  There's a bit of a pirate theme going on as well.

Kyle (on the left).  He ordered prime rib. 

Brett trying to decided what to order for dinner... fish & chips or Ahi.  He went with Ahi.

Mom: She ordered the calamari and chips.  The calamari here is outstanding.

Dad: We both ordered steamed clams.  Can you see the ocean behind him?  And the guy with the fur-lined hat?  ...there are some interesting characters in Cayucus.
Sunday morning we ate a delicious breakfast in our room, packed our bags, and headed home to Aspen Meadows.  I do love getting away and I especially love staying in romantic places like Creekside with Brett, but I also really love getting back home. 


  1. whew! so glad you pointed out which side your son was on in that photo or i'd not have been able to pick him out. :)

  2. I enjoyed that! The bed & breakfast looked.....well, I WANT to go there :-)

  3. Thanks Annette. You have a very beautiful family...and your husband's not too bad either!

  4. Lots of handsome men in your family. What a great time you must have had. Thanks for sharing! I also love the idea of cheerio treats for goats. You can bet I will be trying it.


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