Monday, September 19, 2011

Chomping at the Bit

Yesterday, I decided to ride Jackson.  He's been on stall rest for over a week with morning hand walking and a short evening turn out in the arena to stretch and roll.  He's been sound on his walks and during his playtime.  Our vet is coming up on Thursday to evaluate his hocks. 

I started thinking... if she comes up and his hocks aren't sore because he hasn't been worked, what good is that going to do?  She needs to see what I'm dealing with.  If he needs injections because he can't tolerate work, then he needs to be worked so she can see that.  A resting horse doesn't need injections.

Besides, he wants to work.  And I'm dying to ride him. 

After chores, Brett and I saddled up the boys.  The morning air had a touch of chill but the sun was out and warmth was starting to win.  The nights feel like fall but the days are still summer.

Jackson was awesome.  Amazing.  Forward.  Happy.  In front of my leg and responsive like a rocket ship.  Smooth.  Balanced.  Light in the bridle, lifting his back and pushing from his haunches.  Amazing, amazing, AMAZING. 

I have long days at work today and tomorrow but I'm going to try to ride him again on Wednesday.  It will be interesting to see if he is still perfectly sound or if the hock soreness shows up. 


  1. wow! nice to hear he was right on for you! i hope something 'sticks' or the vet can help!

  2. Your description in the saddle....aaahhhh I remember :-)

    Hope Jackson stays sound.

  3. I love how you described your/his ride today. Glad for you both.

  4. That is great news. Your reasoning makes sense.

  5. Go Jackson! So glad you had an "amazing" ride.

  6. Sounds like wonderful positive news! I hope it stays that way, too.



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