Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back in Business

Jackson was cleared to go back to work on Monday, following his hock injections last Thursday.  I rode him for a few minutes before work Monday morning.  We tried out the new mounting block Brett built.  The old one rotted away.

old mounting block/stump

much better!

Jackson walked out nice and even but he also stumbled a few times.  It felt like his hocks were still a bit sore from the injections.  So after a short walk and even shorter trot, I put him away.

I gave him Tuesday off and rode him again this morning.  Again, he felt a bit sore but not in a lame or uneven sort of way.  He worked really well -- even and honest, lifting his back, looking for the contact.  He just didn't last very long.  We warmed up by walking on the bridle trail and then did another 10 minutes or so of walk work in the arena.  I had him trot two laps, each direction, twice.  He stretched nicely, felt even, but he was "done" pretty quick.

I gave him a bath -- it was very warm here today, in the mid-80s.  He went back to his stall smelling sweet as ... a chocolate flower.

Our farrier came up this afternoon.  He tested Jackson's feet and they continue to improve.  On the left front, he has a bit of soreness over the frog but none on the soles.  On the right front, he is still a bit sore on his soles.  But, he was fine with Sage nailing on the shoes which was very uncomfortable for him before.

Almost there!


  1. Great news. I like the carpet on the new mounting block. Fancy!

    The original mounting block has its own charm, though. :)

  2. Well done Jackson!.....Great to hear he is on the road to recovery!

  3. Sounds like Jackson is doing well. It might take a week or so for his hocks to feel less sore. Blue has had them too and it sounds like the same scenario you're having. We did the same thing, light work and rest. He's almost there.

    Love the new mounting block and the material on the steps. Looks like a no-slip safe covering.


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