Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11: Rancho Capistrano Remembers

Many people in our community hung American flags today to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Brett and I went down the mountain (yes, CherylAnn, the "horrible" Ortega highway) for breakfast in San Juan Capistrano. 

It was foggy when we left the community.

In San Juan Capistrano, there was a vet waving a flag at cars from the freeway overpass.

He was still there when we drove past on our way back home.  Everybody was honking and waving.  Brett was wiping his eyes -- I think its a particularly difficult memory for firefighters and cops.  At least it is for my cop.

The people in the foggy first flag photo had moved their flag to half mast.  There are a number of firefighters in their family.

Brett and I drove around our community looking at all the flags.

And, lastly, home.  Brett hung our flag from the viewing stand, by the arena, in the center of our property.


  1. What a perfect thing for you to do today. I can't even imagine what the families who lost someone on 9/11 are going through. So many vivid reminders. I just know that you and Brett are very sensitive and humble people. So special.

  2. Oh my so many flags. shows how proud your county is and that it survives things like 9/11.

    Glad we put our flag (American) up yesterday


  3. The Stars and Stripes are to me the most beautiful flag! I am not even American but the sight of that flag always stirs something in me! Prayers and thoughts with everyone who lost a loved one during those attacks...


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