Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jackson Piles It On

As if laminitis and sore hocks weren't enough, Jackson has decided to add conjunctivitis to his list of ailments.  Yup, pink eye.  Horses get it just like toddlers do so I'm dealing with itchy, crusty, goopy eyes.  And so is Brett (Flash has it too) -- it is contagious in the barn just like it is in preschool.

I have put Jackson back on stall rest for the next two weeks until the vet can come and evaluate his hocks.  I'm hoping that the rest will finally kick the laminitis.  With his hind end off, he can't work correctly anyway.  This morning while I was walking him, it slipped out three times.  But, his feet seemed fine so I'm hoping that we will do hock injections next week and then I should have a sound horse again.  Should.  You never know with horses.  I had his hocks injected a year ago and he improved 100%.

While I took Jackson for a walk, Brett rode Flash in the arena.
I like this picture because they both look relaxed.  Brett almost always has contact on Flash's mouth so most pictures of them show tension. 

When we got back from our walk, Jackson explored the barn aisle.
Hmmm, Venice Turpentine, fly spray, a brush and a hoof pick... Where's the cookies??

Where should I go next? 

Oh, right.  Jail.


  1. maybe he's just getting all of his ailments out of the way before the vet comes to make him better! :)

  2. Oh, yucky. Hope it clears up quickly.

  3. So he is the one that knocked over the fly spray! Jail it is. Don't worry Jacks, I'll get you out tomorrow.

  4. Boy, Jackson sure has had his share of lay ups this year. Hope he gets back to being whole soon.


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