Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Got an Auke Update!

Two years ago I sold Auke to this wonderful young woman.  She came out to California from Nebraska with her trainer to try him.  They arrived on a hot day in October and went to the barn where Auke was in  training.  He never did well in the heat.  He didn't do well for her that afternoon.  My trainer called me and said she was sure that the girl, Sarah, was going to decline.

But they came back the next morning.  They wanted to meet me and Sarah wanted to try riding Auke again, in the cool of the morning.  I was impressed with Sarah.  She was a tall, serious teenager with a good seat.  She had YR dreams and she wanted Auke to be her partner.  He was good for her that morning and a few weeks later I put Auke on a trailer bound for Nebraska.  She had stocked up on A & W Rootbeer, pending his arrival. 

 They spent the first year getting to know each other.  Auke is a very talented horse but he is a difficult ride.  I prayed that she would figure him out.  At shows, he had trouble keeping all four feet on the ground.  But, she persevered.   She has a good trainer and she takes him to clinics.  She's worked very hard and she hasn't given up.

A few days ago, she sent me a message on FaceBook:

Hey Annette I just wanted to give you an update on how things are going with Auke. He got fourth at regionals at second level and is ranked first for jr/yr friesian breed. He was perfect this season. We are starting third level movements this fall. He has become a real apple lover....

I am so happy, so relieved, so proud.   



  1. oh, congrats on making a great match between horse and rider! and perseverence!

  2. Auke is one beautiful boy. Looks like he is doing well...and you must be very happy. He like Root Beer?

  3. Wow! That is so cool and wonderful of his new owner to share!

  4. I love him! He's so beautiful. I'm glad it turned out well between the two of them. :)

  5. Got a tear in my eye here! So nice when you sell a horse on and the new partnership is successful!!

  6. It is wonderful to see a great match between horse and buyer/rider. It is hard enough to have to sell but hoping its a match is what it is all about.


  7. Oh, I'm so happy that all has apparently worked out for your boy and his new girl. That's all we could ever hope for, right? That they are loved, cared for, and lead a useful, interesting life. That top photo of the pair is beautiful!! I take it he enjoys A&W root beer? LOL!! We used to have a cute little POA that would molest you for your Pepsi!!


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