Saturday, September 3, 2011

Flower bed in September

I bought Johnny Jump Ups (violas) and pansies for the flower bed.  The roots should get a nice start in the warmth of fall and then explode with color and growth in the spring.  That's the plan anyway.

In the vegetable/herb garden I'm still raking in tomatoes.  I'll make another batch of sauce tomorrow.  I think the pumpkins are ready to harvest as well.

Jonagold apples are ripe in the orchard.  Wasps and the dogs have wiped out about half of the crop but I managed to collect enough to make a pie.  The dogs seem to think apple trees are fetch balls on trees.  They don't pick up the ones on the ground.  Oh, no.  They have to pick new ones everyday.

I found a recipe for baking apple pie in a brown paper bag that looked intriguing so I gave that a try.  You can find the recipe here at Bakers Banter
 It's an apple pie with streusel topping that bakes inside a big paper bag - like you get from the grocery store.

It browned up nicely and the paper bag soaked up all the juice that overflowed the pan.  Sweet!


  1. laughing at your dogs plucking new fresh apples for their play! :)

  2. The pie looks Yummy!

    And my gosh that is a huge pumpkin!

    I hope you have a great weekend

  3. What I would give for a piece of that pie.

    The garden is our best ever. We have frozen over 40 bags of sauce and have tons of tomatoes, peppers and onions in waiting. I envy your apple tree.

    I'm not handling our hot streak well at all! IT'S DOING ME about humidity.

  4. Really nice photos! Can't wait for apples to ripen around here. Have a great holiday weekend!

  5. I always say that life is full of coincidences. Today I spent a long time searching for a perfect pumpkin picture and here it was all along!

    When you visit France I will bake a tarte tatin, it is one of my favourite deserts...


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