Saturday, September 24, 2011

Road Trip

Yesterday, Brett and I drove up to Paso Robles.  We are attending a wine blending party and visiting my son who is going to school in San Luis Obispo.

When we drive up the coast, or go through LA for any reason, we always stop for lunch at Philippes. 
They opened in 1908 which is ancient by California terms.  We have a beef dip sandwich, and then get back on the freeway.  The gas prices in downtown LA are astronomical.  Get a load of this:

The weather forcast called for a slight chance of thunderstorms.  We didn't encounter much rain as we continued out of LA, through Ventura and Santa Barbara, towards the Central Coast.  Beautiful skies.

If you take the Mission Street exit in Santa Barbara (above), drive up into the hills, past the Santa Barbara Mission, you will come to the beautiful hotel where Brett and I were married, at Sunset, almost eleven years ago. 

Past Santa Barbara, the highway turns inland and passes through the Santa Ynez and Santa Maria valley areas.  Brett is taking Flash to a cutting clinic just off the highway next week.  He wanted to drive by the facility and check out trailer parking and the ranch where he is going.  So, we turned onto a small road that took us past an organic farm stand and then to the ranch.

Flash will stay in this barn when they come.

One of the residents -- very friendly.

It was close to 90F.  These ranch dogs had the right idea.
We continued our drive north, hugging the coast again near Arroyo Grande, and then turning inland again at San Luis Obispo.  We turned in the gate to our B&B close to 4:00.  We are staying in that barn to the right. 

We tasted some wines (the owner of the B&B also makes wine).  Then we went into town for dinner at an organic farm-to-table restaurant -- amazing food -- and fell asleep to thunder and lightning (but no rain).


  1. i like that shot of the layed out dogs. :)

  2. What nice a trip! I've only been to LA once the traffic was mind numbing!

  3. A fun trip. I want to see the B and B and learn more about that organic restaurant.


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