Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kalvin has Finished Doing Time

Kalvin came to Aspen Meadows a year ago.  He needed to be on paddock rest for a year; no running around, just sedate walking in a paddock.  His year is up.  His owner has started riding him and Sunday we discussed leaving his paddock gate open giving him access to the larger pasture.  She liked the idea so after she worked him and gave him a bath, she put him in his paddock but left the gate unlatched.

Although the donkeys were in the pasture, Kalvin didn't seem interested at first.  The soft sand looked more enticing; it is the perfect place to roll.

Finessa was a bit nervous anyway.

After checking everything out, Kalvin headed over to visit with Tuffy.

Tuffy: Kiss my a** Kalvin.  They don't call me Tuffy for nothin'

Kalvin: Hey squirt, I'm like a hundred hands high and you.... well, you're pretty short.

Tuffy: Okay, okay.  Just leave Finessa outta this okay?

Kalvin noticed the rubbing post behind Tuffy and decided to try it out.  Thank goodness it is set in concrete since he is a big, strong boy.

Kalvin: Where did those annoying donkeys go?   Ahh, there they are!

They did a couple laps around the pasture and then Kalvin got bored.  The donkeys have a safe haven but they chose not to use it.  It was obviously a big game.

Kalvin: Hey Jackson, did you see me chase those donkeys?  Jackson: Yeah, yeah.  Get this fly mask offa my face, would ya?


  1. oh, that horsie must be feeling good to have some freedom! probably forgot what it's like!

  2. cute pictures. I love the commentary!

  3. Kalvin is a beautiful boy. He must love his new found freedom.

  4. Love the captions. The donkeys look like they are up to Kalvin's tricks.

  5. Oh, loved the pictures and the narration!! Those little donkeys are too cute!! And, Kalvin made that post look inviting...maybe I need one of those. :)

  6. Those scratching post looks like pure heaven!

  7. Hi there...found your blog thru Farm Friends Friday...love your mini donkeys!! I have two mini horses and they romp with my bigs just like yours do...so much fun to watch!!


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