Saturday, February 28, 2015

Light Rain

The horses enjoyed the sunshine while big marshmallow clouds floated into the area on Friday.

Brett spent the day on his mower and with the weed whacker.

He was tired and sore at the end of the day but the property took my breath away when I got home.

So beautiful.

I tease him about how he keeps the grass mowed and edged and the driveway swept; how it looks like we live on a country estate instead of a little ranch.  He works way too hard but that's him.  He's not going to change and I get to reap the benefit of living in paradise.

Rain started in the evening and fell softly all night.  Kyle and his girlfriend, Ana, are visiting for the weekend so we're going to introduce them to the local wineries today.  ... a good rainy day activity, don't you think?


  1. a very sweet place to call home. :)

  2. okay, that's it! I'm buying a plane ticket to come and stay at your estate and tour wineries. I am so desperate for a bit of green...

  3. You sure married the right man. The property looks gorgeous and I love the photo of Lucy.

  4. Wine tasting is good by fine weather or foul:) We had thunder this afternoon, did you?

  5. English Rider: we did not have thunder this afternoon; just a bit more rain.


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