Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crab Feed

Thank you everyone for the votes of confidence in me and Lucy.  I think we can do it too and I'm really excited, thinking about showing her.  A few lessons with Sandy, lots of practice and we'll be ready.  Piece of cake! (cough, choke, sputter, deep breath).

Kyle and Camille were up this weekend to join us at a crab feed.  There are crab feeds all over the place in January and February, while the Dungeness crabs are in season. Most of the crab feeds are fund raisers and the one we went to was no exception.  Remember the big fires we had last year?  The crab feed we went to was hosted by one of our favorite wineries, Skinner, and benefited the local volunteer fire department.

We got dressed -- warmly because the crab feed was held in winery's barrel room -- and headed out the door.  Camille brought her phone and snapped pictures.

The food was excellent and people bid generously on the auction items.  I think the fire department did quite well.  We even won a couple bottles of wine in the raffle.

They gave us bibs before the crab arrived.

As quick as the platter was emptied, they brought another.  Brett was in a groove, he went through a lot of crab, cracking the legs, pulling out the meat and dunking it in warm butter.

We were all stuffed when we left.  I love our community and the way it comes together in support of these sorts of things.


  1. looks awesome! and even better that it benefited the fire dept!

  2. Oh my goodness, I have never eaten crab, isn't that funny? We have chili or other things at the volunteer fire depts. here.

  3. YUM!!! We had cold crab dipped in melted butter at the beach casino last weekend...I definitely had my share. I think I'm ready for some more though!!


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