Friday, February 20, 2015

Random Friday

1.  The master bath is coming along.  The tile guy is meticulous.  He shows up after breakfast and works steadily all day.  We're okay with the tile taking awhile to complete because it looks gorgeous.  When we picked the tile, paint and vanity colors, I crossed my fingers that they would all work together like I imagined.  They do.

The shower tile on the walls looks beautiful in a vintage sort of way.  The shower floor is a mix of pebbles in shades of grey, bone and bird's egg blue.

The floor tile looks like old barn wood.  Perfect.

And the shaker white vanity looks bright and cheerful against the grey walls.

2.  On other fronts, we continue to have warm dry weather.  You wouldn't know it from the state of Jackson's coat and his trail boots.  He must spend all his time in the mud by the pond in his pasture.

3.  My daffodils are blooming, bringing bright yellow patches of happiness to the front lawn.  I picked myself a bouquet when I got home from work.

4.  The longer days are welcome.  I'm counting down the days until the time changes.  As it is, I was able to help Brett with the evening chores today after work.

5.  Lastly, we continue to battle ticks.  Flash and Mufasa, in particular, are tick magnets.  Brett found two on Mufasa tonight.  I spent some time with Google and learned that ticks are particularly numerous in wooded areas; they lurk in the tree bark, the leaves carpeting the ground, and the downed wood.  The arrive courtesy of the deer -- but also the other critters looking for acorns to eat and trees to climb.  The boys pasture is heavily wooded with oak and pine.  We are going to try Equi-Spot -- the stuff you squirt on particular spots every few weeks, similar to what I put between Kersey's shoulder blades once a month.  The comments I read said it works well for ticks, not so great for flies.  If it works for the ticks, I'll be happy.


  1. I use Equispot every year for ticks, of course getting it to Germany is always a trick.

    Now that I feel that I'm a bathroom renovation expert, I am really enjoying watching your progress. Your tile is the same tile my aunt picked for her bathroom, she said it was called New York Subway.

    I also wanted rock for my shower floor, ours is jagged rock. I am curious if your tile guy is gonna do that little wall too?

    I insisted on a niche, like yours, and it was 275E!

    Unbelievably, our bathroom is still not finished, the contractor just kind of gave up on us I guess, and if there was a Better Business Bureau, I'd be reporting him. If we can get him to actually finish the work by August, he will have needed 3 years to do our bathroom (6 months of which we lived without a shower/bath).

  2. You are going to love that shower for many years to come. It is nice to hear of your weather. Although I look forward to spring, it I a whole new set of battles. I just realized that when I put the goats in the trees I am just asking for tick problems. Me more than them probably. Did you know ticks sense body heat and then jump off the trees onto it? So nothing to do with actually brushing up against the trees.

  3. That bathroom sure is coming along wonderfully! I especially like the flooring. Our bulbs are shooting up but haven't blossomed up here yet, probably in the next 2 weeks or so--which is very early. We are also looking forward to day light savings time :)


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