Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Beautiful Sunday

No rain today; sapphire skies and sleepy sunshine.

Kyle and his girlfriend Ana took Kersey for a walk which included muddy ditches for Kersey and a swim in the creek when they got back.

Kyle and Ana spent some time on the front swing.

The only excitement all day was the two smallest goats escaping the pasture.  They crawled under the fence where the recent rains had carved a small gully and were milling around by the well house.  Lucy was frantic.
Oh, dear!  The precious goat children are outside the pasture.  Help!!! Someone help!!
Me: Lucy, I can't help them with you racing around like a lunatic.
But my children!! aaaaaahhhh.  They are going to get hit by a car or eaten  by a coyote.  I am so stressed out!
Me: Obviously, Lucy.  Obviously.

Kyle and Ana herded the goats along the fence line.  They found their escape hole and popped back through.  Lucy was greatly relieved.  I don't think Pistol looked up from the grass she was eating.

After lunch, Kyle and Ana left to go visit Marshall State Park, where gold was discovered -- launching the California gold rush.

Brett worked on the goat fence and then we rode.  Mufasa and Lucy were both stellar.  Lucy is completely recovered from her stone bruise and was back to her normal, forward, floating self.

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