Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Shower Update

The storm that came through last weekend delivered just over six inches of rain.

The donkey pond almost overflowed it's banks.  The local reservoirs inched higher.

It was a warm storm so it didn't help the snow pack (which is California's most important water source), but it was a good rain.  Definitely worth celebrating.

Meanwhile, good progress is being made on the master bathroom remodel.  We have drywall and paint -- and tile going up in the shower.

We love this tile.  We think it goes well with the country farmhouse feel of the house.  


  1. That's a lot of rain! Your bathroom remodel looks great and I am sure you will be happy to have the work completed.

  2. Send some rain to NE Kansas, will you? I love subway tile, too!

  3. I read about that rain. I hope it provides you all with some much needed water reserves.


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