Sunday, February 15, 2015

Me and the Shedding Blade are Popular

The horses are starting to shed out their winter coats.  That coupled with unseasonably warm weather this weekend, has made the horses itchy and hot.

When they see me with the shedding blade, they follow me around like I have candy.

While I run the blade over Lucy, she grooms Pistol on the withers.

When I turn my attention to Pistol, who is shedding huge handfuls of white hair, Lucy prods me with her nose.

None of them want me to stop.  --except Mufasa who can't decide if he is scared to be touched with that metal weapon or thrilled with the feel of it scratching away the itchy loose fur.

Even the donkeys enjoyed a turn.  As I was working on Jackson, I felt a nudge against my lower back.  I turned, and there was Tuffy's butt, right up against me, waiting to be scratched.


  1. i gave my two first round of shedding yesterday but warned them it was turning cooler again tonight so they need to hang onto some of it. :)

  2. Nothing like bonding over a good scratch

  3. I love the faces horses make when you give them a thorough scratch in those times of shedding :) So cute how they all wanted to be in on the fun :)

  4. Yep! Spring is approaching. The horses at our barn were shedding as well.

  5. We're having the warmest February on record, but the horses aren't shedding yet, which makes me think we'll have more winter. :( I hope they're wrong!

  6. So good to see green grass, green trees, and the happy equines.

  7. I discovered an amazing new stripping tool at the Horse Expo in Sacramento last year. Check it out if you have a few minutes at There’s a short video on the website you can watch. I love it!


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