Monday, February 2, 2015

Pistol is a Pistol

Before Camille left on Sunday, she wanted to ride Pistol.

Pistol was happy to come out and be groomed but she pinned her ears when I set the saddle on her back.  I checked to make sure nothing was scrunched up underneath or pinching her.  There wasn't.  She was not a fan of me tightening her girth, either.  I think she was in heat.

Camille walked her out to the small arena behind the barn.  Pistol danced next to her in a very un-Pistol-like way.  I suggested that we take Pistol into the round pen first and longe her.  Camille was in complete agreement.

I barely had the lead rope unclipped before Pistol took off at a very forward trot.  A few more strides and she broke into canter -- and didn't want to stop.  I longed her both directions then asked her to whoa.  She looked at me, stopped, and walked up to me.  It isn't the best longing etiquette but there wasn't anything about her attitude that indicated she was trying to get in my space.  Her eye had softened, the ears were happy, she had gotten whatever it was out of her system.

Pistol was very forward when Camille mounted.  Camille asked for a trot and got canter instead.  Pistol was feeling good.

She did eventually relax and settle.

I told Camille that Pistol knows Camille isn't afraid to canter, that she likes to canter, and Pistol is happy to oblige.  Camille has a lovely seat and when Pistol transitions up, Camille just goes with her.

Silly girl.


  1. Your daughter is an incredibly beautiful woman, and an excellent rider to boot- Pistol was just jealous that people would be looking at Camille, and not her LOL !

  2. sounds like they made a good match!

  3. Glad your daughter had fun with Pistol - once she calmed down a bit . . .

  4. Every once in a while, a girl's just gotta exhibit a few of her "opinions". Right? :) And then we feel soooo much better!

  5. So good for Pistol to get a reminder lesson!

  6. I admire your horse sence. Love that horse,


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