Monday, February 16, 2015

Brett's Latest Project

When Brett finished the chicken cover, he decided to replace the third side of my garden fence.

When we moved in, it was saggy, patched together wire fencing, held up by t-posts.  There was no gate, just the end of the wire that rolled up on itself.  It drove Brett nuts; definitely not to his standards as you can imagine.  I said it wasn't that bad, it kept the deer out, and we had other priorities.

Shortly after we moved in, he replaced the fence closest to the house behind the hedge of roses.  And he built me a beautiful gate.

Next, he put in the back fence at the same time he built the chicken pen, a year ago.

He continued to complain about the other two sides.  I continued to be fine with them.

Last week, he put up the third side, between the garden and the horse trailer parking area.  It looks awesome.

And now I think that the fourth and final side looks shabby.  ---and it was the side in the best shape of the four when we moved in.

The ground is too soggy to put in any fence posts now but I betcha that by the end of this summer, I'll have beautiful fencing there too.


  1. Pops and I can finish that in April. Can't wait to visit and get to work.

  2. That's the problem with fixing/updating things, it ends up making everything else that used to be just fine look terrible! ;)

    (we're going through that with our house, just remodeled a couple key rooms now everything else looks outdated & ugly..) :/

  3. You are so lucky that Brett is a very particular and talented man. He has done so much to your property since you moved. Kudos!

  4. This is so nice. A good gate is SUCH a pleasure.


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