Saturday, February 14, 2015

Someone has an Abscess

...and it isn't Jackson.

Lucy came up lame Friday morning.  Brett checked her feet and didn't see anything.  I checked her legs for heat and swelling.  None.

I came home from work early to work on her foot.  She stood quietly with her hoof in a bowl of Epsom salts while I got my supplies together -- duct tape for the sole, a baby diaper for cushion and to hold the Epsom salt poultice, bandage tape to hold everything on her foot and green vet wrap to top it off.

I had found a rock deep in her frog before I set it in the bucket to soak but decided to wrap her foot just in case.  If she had a stone bruise and not an abscess the poultice wouldn't hurt anything.  She held her foot for me while I wrapped it, a perfect patient.  Even when the tape got tangles and the vet wrap wouldn't tear, she just stood like a statue with her foot in the air.

Today she was improved; still a bit off but not "help me" lame.

Meanwhile, Jackson continues to march around his pasture and jump the stream. I can't believe he's made it all the way to February with no abscesses.


  1. I can't believe it's Lucy, and I hope it was "just a rock" and a bruise.

  2. With the warm wet weather, we should all be careful for abscesses this year. Sounds like you have it under control.


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