Friday, July 4, 2014

She's a Cougar

This morning Brett and I had lessons with Sandy at PEC. Brett loaded Mufasa first and we put Lucy next to him. Both of them loaded easily. Lucy is in heat so she was more than happy to follow Mufasa into the trailer.

Mufasa turned towards Lucy and she nuzzled him. Then she started playing with his lower lip. Really, Lucy! She clearly wanted Mufasa -- who looked confused and a bit alarmed. She's twelve and I'm guessing she's been bred. Mufasa is ten and a virgin. Well, gelded too, so its not like she could teach him anything.

I wore a red shirt and used Lucy's blue pad so we'd be in patriotic colors for our 4th of July lesson. Brett wore a blue shirt and used Mufasa's burgundy pad. There is a big dressage show at PEC this weekend so the trailer parking area and arenas were full of activity.  We arrived and parked before the crowds poured in.  

Lucy called to every male horse she saw while walking to and from the trailer. Fortunately, she was able to focus in our lesson. Lucy was a bit of work to keep forward -- probably the heat --both temperature and hormones. I am very happy with the lesson and what we were able to accomplish. After our trot leg yields, we worked in canter. We did some shoulder-fore on the long side, and then we worked on getting shorter steps.  Sandy had me accomplish the short steps by engaging core; a few strides there and then extending the canter. Back. And forward. The last sequence felt amazing; Lucy stepped deep under in the back and lifted in the front while maintaining energy and the frame. We made a smooth transition down to trot, then walk and finished on that very good note.

Brett and Mufasa were up next. Brett has been struggling with Mufasa's tendency to fall in at trot and canter. The lesson gave him some good tools and they looked great. One of their transitions to canter wasn't as prompt as Sandy wanted so she instructed Brett to tap Mufasa with the whip the next time. Mufasa bucked, once, and Brett rode it like a pro. He said he felt it in his back but I couldn't see anything except his solid seat. Mufasa was very prompt after that.  Overall, they looked great; forward with balance improving as the lesson progressed.  Brett was pleased with his lesson even though his knee was killing him.  We are planning to have that knee replaced next month.  Brett will be a more effective rider with a new, pain free knee.

I received numerous envious looks and comments from the women warming up their horses and getting settled into stalls for the show. Not only do I have a husband who supports my horse habit, he rides as well -- and he likes DRESSAGE. Yes, I know how fortunate I am. Eat your heart out ladies.

We have another day in the upper 90s here.  We'll be having traditional Independence Day fare for dinner later tonight when it cools off: BBQ hamburgers, chips, and watermelon.


  1. Good for both of you. Such progress.
    Today it was in the high 60s here and perfect all day long. If only it would stay like this!

  2. Happy 4th and lucky girl:) Hugs B

  3. Husband and wife dressage lessons is certainly a rare sight! Very cool.

  4. I love that you appreciate Brett and visa versa. Nice that Lucy was able to concentrate. Happy 4th!

  5. Sounds like a great lesson!! I LOVE that blue pad! Where did you get it?

    I've heard really great things about knee replacements. I'm glad he'll be able to get one so he can ride pain free. :) I'm glad he's so supportive and loves riding with you and taking dressage lessons. You are definitely lucky! My husband loves to ride, but due to a back injury he can't anymore...

    Happy Fourth of July!!


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