Thursday, July 3, 2014

Goat Trimmers

There are blackberry bushes surrounding much of our ranch.  The geldings have been eating the leaves and not-yet-ripe berries, leaving the bare thorny stems poking through the fence in their pasture.  The mares don't seem to care for berry bushes.  I may be able to collect enough for a big blackberry cobbler when the berries ripen.

The goats, however, have kept the bushes trimmed flush with the fence.

The stand on their hind legs and reach for the upper arching vines.

They are very thorough.



  1. Smart goats. Love your newer header!

  2. Goats are VERY thorough!!! That's why we may have to get some again because we can't keep the stuff from growing on our fences! Enjoy your berries when they ripen. We've been picking and eating tons of them. Love them! I also love the new banner!


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