Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lucy Talk

Lucy is a sweet, affectionate mare; she is also an opinionated princess.

--Hurry up and put my fly sheet on. A fly landed on me and I'm sure it's going to suck out all of my blood. Hurry up!

--Outta my way, Pistol! She's got cookies and they are mine. All mine, I tell ya.

--Don't touch the top of my tail; I'm sensitive there.

--And don't touch my ears either. Okay, that soft brush is okay but that's it.

--Excuse me! You went in the tack room and didn't bring out cookies for me? I'm going to paw until you bring me one. Ouch! You were supposed to bring me cookies, not smack my belly. Sheesh.

And while I'm riding:

--ooooh, canter on the long side. EXTEND! Yee hah!

--That's enough. I think I'll trot now.

--Counter canter? Nah, let's do a flying change instead.

--Why are you laughing? Flying changes are more fun, right? Isn't that what you secretly wanted?

--Okay, okay. Counter canter.

--Wait! Look over there! He's feeding the other horses! I'm going to miss out! I know you said he's just mucking but I'm SURE he is feeding. I'm going to die of starvation! Are we done yet?

Never a dull moment with Lucy.


  1. It's apparent that you're one lucky girl - and so is Lucy.

  2. ha! she's as much of chatterbox as Steele!

  3. Please don't starve the poor girl, you know she needs extra cookies. I am sure she never gets to eat just all work, work work. :)


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