Saturday, July 12, 2014

Professor Lucy

I've never had a schoolmaster before.  I've only been able to afford young horses with little to no dressage training.  Of course, I didn't realize Lucy was a schoolmaster when I bought her.  I thought she was another project with all that rushing around and head tossing.
April -- First lesson/ride on Lucy
I was wrong.  She has taught me so much.

I've learned to keep my leg consistently against her side.
June - notice the air between my lower leg and her side.

This week -- look ma, no air!
I've learned to sit straight and tall; no slumping.
April -- I'm tipped forward, not very stable
June - still tipped a bit forward, but more secure
The straighter and taller I sit, the better Lucy goes.
Straight, reaching tall, and balanced.  Woot woot!
The quieter and lighter I am with my seat, the better Lucy goes.

And when I get it right, she does amazing things.

I've been riding her, on average, four times a week.  She's learned to relax as I've learned how to be more balanced.  This morning she rewarded me with what I call a "Dawn hug."  Kate's mare, Dawn, will rest her head on Kate's shoulders in a sort of hug.  This morning I got two of them from Lucy.  I must be an okay student in her books.


  1. I could never afford a school master either. I suppose Aero is one in a way, but he was so messed up after being on loan that he really was a project horse. He knows the movements and if I ride him right he does them well... and finally after 2 years+ my position has improved and he's starting to go like he should. I'm glad your journey with Lucy was quicker!

  2. Mares like that can be so special - they have so much to teach and to say to you once you learn to listen. She even looks like Dawn - same color and no markings!

  3. Fantastic progress! You and Lucy have become quite a team. She certainly responds to your every move. What a find!!!!

  4. Oh - except for that tiny left hind white anklet.

  5. That's some great improvement and progress, in such a short time too!

  6. I'm glad you found her and were able to afford her! She's so perfect for you. :D


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