Monday, July 28, 2014

Shaver Lake

Every year since Camille was a baby, 20 years ago, my parents have rented a cabin at Shaver Lake in the Sierras for a week.  My parents would spend the first part of the week enjoying the lake with their friends and the second half of the week with family.  With a few exceptions, they rented the same cabin every year.  My kids, Kyle and Camille, thought that the cabin belonged to Grandma and Grandpa for many years.  In the early years, my mother did the lion's share of the cooking while my sister and I tried to keep all the kids under control.  My brother did not join us in the early years.  Gradually, as the cousins got bigger and my mother got older, the cooking shifted to my sister and I.  We split dinner duty with one of us making dinner and the other making appetizers.  The kids were responsible for doing the dishes.  But, mostly, it was about the kids playing and swimming and eating and collapsing exhausted in their sleeping bags at night; watching the bats fly and the stars wink above the pines until finally they fell silent and slept.

As my mom's lung condition progressed, she wasn't able to tolerate the altitude.  She brought oxygen for a few years and then that wasn't enough.  So, we stopped going to Shaver Lake and they rented places at the beach and then in the gold country.  It was great to be together, of course, but we all missed "our" cabin at Shaver Lake.

This past week we went back.  My dad and my sister, with her daughter Kristin, drove up Tuesday.  Over the next few days we all arrived; even my brother with his daughter, Taylor.  My sister's kids and mine are all in their 20s now.  My brother's daughter is eleven.  There were five cousins (one couldn't make it) to swim, hike, paddle board, jump into the water from boulders, and watch the stars at night.  It was a good trip.  And my mom was there in spirit.
Kristin and Camille on a paddle board

Nephew, Justin, in a kayak

They found a teepee on the shore

...and they all crowded inside

Camille getting ready to jump

Kyle in the air, Justin on the rock behind him

The cousins: Justin, Kristin, Taylor, Kyle and Camille

Camille jumping with my sister's husband climbing up behind.


  1. That looks like so much fun was had by everyone! Making more happy memories with made me feel happy for you and I am sure your Mom was indeed there in spirit!

  2. Oh Annette I am so happy you all made it back there and I know your Mom was there smiling. Hug B

  3. it looks like a fabulous place. That rock would be fun. Did you jump in too?

  4. that's awesome. so good for all of you. :)

  5. Yes, Theresa, I did jump in -- but Taylor and I found a much lower rock. Even if I could have scaled the boulders the older kids used, which is doubtful, I am not a fan of heights -- and those boulders were high.

  6. What a wonderful family get-together!

  7. What a gorgeous place. Glad you got to go back :)


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