Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sand Fire Update

Some of you have heard about the Sand fire which is burning very close to us.  Fortunately, the fire is now 50% contained and we are not in any danger.  It was not a comfortable feeling for me to be away from home while ash and blackened leaves were raining down on our property.  Brett, thank goodness, was home and had things well under control.

Currently, the fire has burned close to 4,000 acres taking ten homes and an additional seven out-buildings.  There are 1,900 firefighters, 196 fire engines, 6 planes, 8 helicopters, 30 dozers and 50 water trucks fighting this fire.  Yep, they have a ton of resources on this fire.  It is called the Sand fire because it started on Sand Ridge Road, by a vehicle driving across the very dry vegetation.  Darn drought.

There are still 500 structures threatened and a number of communities evacuated.

Thank you to those of you who knew of the situation and offered us a place to put our animals should we need to evacuate.  It provided HUGE peace of mind.


  1. I sure wish I could send you folks some rain.

  2. Be safe I do hope it rains a lot very soon. HUGS B

  3. i am glad you are not in immediate danger. i hope you will get some RAIN!

  4. I just heard about that fire last night and thought of you. I hoped you weren't in its path.


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