Monday, July 7, 2014

Hot, Humid and Hurting

Honestly, I don't know how you people who live in humid climates stand it. I feel like a whiney wimp, and maybe I am, but doing chores in 90F weather with 50% humidity is pure misery in my book.

I am accustomed to relative humidity in the range of 10%, you know... California "dry heat." I like evenings that cool off, not nights where the air hangs heavy, warm and damp until dawn.

Brett is hurting today -- the soreness is always worse the day after you come off. His neck hurts, and his arm, his back, and his hip. He can barely make it up the stairs to bed and doing chores was definitely not in the cards today. I figure this is good conditioning for me since I'll have solo chore duty when he has his knee replaced.

I wouldn't mind if it weren't so dang hot and humid! And buggy. eww and ugh. I'm ready for autumn. Heck, I'm even ready for winter. Summer is definitely my least favorite season.


  1. Poor Brett. Falling off once you're over forty is not to be recommended :-( Even if he had sat that spook, he'd probably have wrenched something.

  2. Ice packs for the aches and to cool down?

  3. Believe it or not we get that kind of humid heat here in NS, with even higher humidity. I have huge sympathy / empathy for you! Besides being uncomfortable it is very energy draining.

  4. We have been having temps in the 90's and humidity around 85. You can't be out side very long, if sweating is good for you then we should be in good shape.


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