Saturday, April 26, 2014


The rain stopped during the night and today we had cloudy skies with brief moments of sun.  More rain is coming tonight but not as heavy, not as cold.  The pastures had all drained nicely so we put the horses back out to stretch their legs.

And stretch their legs they did....

Jackson showed of his dance moves.

Flash demonstrated his rodeo buck.

They both rolled.

Pistol was well behaved walking out to her pasture but I could tell it was an effort for her.  She was dancy prancy next to me and when I took off her halter she trotted off as fast as her short legs could carry her.

Meanwhile, Brett managed to get Mufasa into the pasture -- which wasn't easy.  Flash and Jackson continued to cavort around and Mufasa was pulling for all he was worth.

After the horses finished running around, they congregated in the corner... gazing off at Pistol.


  1. ha. that video was so cute. I have to say I love Mufasa's trot. He looks lovely.

  2. The horses look great and so do your pastures. They must love having grass. So impressed with Jackson!

  3. Beautiful photos with the haze in the background. I can see why the horses felt so frisky. Have a nice Sunday.

  4. It's wonderful seeing Jackson feeling so good!

  5. Ah, love. Spring is in the air! ;)

  6. We are gettng the rains in NE kansas now... loved the pictures!


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