Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hey Boys

This afternoon our special guest arrived.

Buffy brought her horse, Pistol, to stay with us for a few months.  Pistol hopped off the trailer and sampled the grass.

The boys - Flash, Jackson and Mufasa - came galloping up to the pasture fence.  They pranced and arched their necks and acted like a bunch of young studs.

Pistol kept eating the grass.

Then she noticed Flash.  Buffy was our neighbor at Aspen Meadows before moving to Nevada.  Flash and Pistol were in mounted patrol together and competed in trail trials.  The three of us went on trail rides and rode on the beach; Jackson, Flash and Pistol.

Hey, Sweetheart, where have you been hiding?

Did you miss me big boy?

You're awfully good looking, but this grass.... well.... it's delicious. Excuse me while I dine.

Pistol settled in her stall and we had a lovely afternoon and evening with Buffy.  She and her empty trailer pulled out our driveway, headed back to Nevada, at 9:30 tonight.

Thanks Buffy.  Thanks for lending me your awesome Pistol.  We'll take good care of her; feed her, ride her, and love her.  Definitely love her.


  1. Pistol looks like a very sweet girl! I have visions of you and Brett on a trail ride today. The first shot of her with Flash is spectacular, and the last shot with you looks very encouraging! Beautiful.

  2. how wonderful to have a former 'neigh'bor come stay for a while! love the excited boys. :)

  3. Like a Hollywood movie trailer, for a story with a happy ending.

  4. Looks like blue eyed horse love.

  5. she looks so sweet. And Flash looks smitten! Have fun with her.


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