Saturday, April 5, 2014

Not What I Had in Mind

After running errands this morning, Brett and I drove down to see Winston.  The plan was an easy walk-trot ride, with a relaxing hack through the back pastures afterwards.

It didn't work out that way.

Winston stood still while I mounted, we walked off, and he started to crow-hop and then to half-rear.  So, I got off.

Are we going back to my stall where I'll get cookies and carrots and lunch?

No, Winston.  We are going to the round pen.  You are going to work.

Work?  Hah!  I'm going to buck and fart and blow you off.  

Your choice, Winston.  Wlithout a lunge line I can't do much to make you pay attention to commands.  But I can make you keep working until you relax and tune in.

After hosing Winston off (he had worked up a mighty sweat) and putting him away, Brett and I headed to one of the wineries in Amador County.  It was on the way home.  And I needed a glass of wine.


  1. Remember that look Winston, I know it well and you don't want to mess with her then!

  2. Wine makes everything better!

  3. What the heck! And your last ride was great! Brett took some beautiful pictures of you two, and I hope the next ones include a peaceful ride. Be careful... Did the wine help?

  4. I see his attitude is still intact. Gotta love that horse! The new growth on the vines is pretty.


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