Friday, April 25, 2014

Random Five Friday

1. We have a late winter storm moving across the Sacramento Valley, the Mother Lode (us) and the Sierras. So, far we have received over an inch of rain and it isn't over yet. The storm is wet and cold; snow above us, thunder and hail in our neck of the woods. Sandy and I decided it was not the best conditions for me to be riding Lucy. We will reschedule my lesson on her after the storm passes.

2. Winston is officially for sale. Here's the link to his ad.

3. I'd like to extend a warm welcome to any new followers; including Skyline Spirit who left a nice comment the other day. It used to be easy to keep track of new followers through Blogger but now I have followers from Blogger in addition to Google and Facebook. I don't know when you all start following so forgive me for not thanking you individually. I do want to thank you all for following the ups and downs of our little ranch.

4. Pistol has settled in well. Flash stands at the edge of the creek running next to the clover pasture fence and stares longingly at her across the driveway. Pistol mostly eats and ignores him, but once in awhile she throws out a girly squeal. The horses are all in the barn today due to the storm. Pistol is on the end with Mufasa next door. He is loving being able to touch noses with her; Flash doesn't allow Mufasa or Jackson to look at her normally, much less touch noses.

5. Brett had to get a new ride-on mower this week. The one we brought up from Aspen Meadows has been slowly falling apart. Its twelve years old and didn't receive the best of care. It was a victim of being a learning experience. The new mower is parked in the barn (I think Brett even covered it with a blankie) and it will have the gas tank drained when not in use. Brett's learned a lot about how to take care of ranch equipment since we first started out.


  1. i hope you get good soaking rains but not too much storm damage. we're expecting volatile weather here tomorrow night thru sunday.

  2. My husband got a new riding mower about a month ago. Our pastures have never looked so nice, lol! We had to fight constantly with the old one and I finally threw in the towel after it lost a belt in a patch of nettles. That was painful.

    Hugs regarding Winston. I know how hard it must be, but he'll find the perfect human and you'll be in a happier place. :)

  3. I like the ad - it is accurate in its description of his pros and cons and the price is a good one - it should lead to him getting the home that is right for him.

  4. Oh I can see the new mower covered with a blanket. Sorry about Winston. HUG B

  5. 1.Hoping your latest winter (?!) storm doesn't mosey it's way across to the east coast, although that has been the way of it lately.

    2. Wishing the best for a new home for Winston. It takes a lot of courage and honesty to do what you're doing, especially when it's broadcast on the interwebs for all to see. You have my support and admiration Annette. :D

    4. Poor Flash...

    5. Hey - ranch equipment needs tender loving care unless you can afford to replace it frequently. I'm looking at my little tractor as I type, thinking it might need a replacement "blankie". Just turned 3000 hours :D

  6. How cute, covering it with a blankie! It is snowing here right now. The rain was heavy last night, the snow is light. There was snow on the ground earlier, now it is just sticking to the slightly higher elevations, like the hills across the way. We really needed this and I think it will make some difference. I have to go back and see who Pistol is. Is she going to cause trouble among the boys?

  7. Our new(ish) riding mower lives in the garage. We humans can't move around in there, but the mower is nice and dry, lol.

  8. Please try and make sure Winston goes to a loving healthy home. I would hate to see him be abused or locked in a barn.


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