Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Quiet Easter at the Ranch

When we lived in Southern California, Aspen Meadows was full of people, food and laughter on Easter.  Brett's sister and her family, with their spouses, all came up for Easter dinner.  Some years my parents were also with us and the kids joined us on alternating years.  This year was quiet.  We are too far away from Brett's family for them to drive up for dinner.  It's not my turn to have the kids or my dad so it was just Brett and I.  We had a wonderful, quiet Easter.

In the morning, we introduced Pistol to the Oak Pasture.  She spent an hour grazing -- which is a bit of work since the grass is very sparse in that pasture.  We put her back in the barn while we were gone at church and lunch and then turned her back out this evening when we got home.  She had very happy feet while we walked from the barn to the pasture.

  After church, we had a lovely leisurely lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Taste, in Plymouth.  From there we went to the barn and said hi to Winston.  I introduced Brett to Lucy.  She's a very sweet mare, with a nice soft eye.  I'm taking a lesson on her Tuesday so we'll see how we get along in the saddle.

Thank you for the supportive comments regarding Winston.  He is not a mean horse or a bad horse.  As a few of you pointed out, he is a young, spirited horse who needs a rider with energy and spunk.  He's friendly and fun; just a bit too much fun for me.  

Brett and I planned to relax when we got home but somehow that didn't happen.  I groomed Jackson and washed his mane and tail.  He was very embarrassed to have dirty hair with Pistol just across the driveway from him.  Now he looks appropriately dashing.

Brett was busy mowing the grass.

Happy Easter to all of you.  I hope you found moments of peace and happiness in your day.


  1. Glad Pistol is settling in so well - she's a pretty girl.

  2. sounds like a nice day for you two.

  3. Glad your Easter was enjoyable. It was just the two of us as well, quiet and even got a few things done. Are you considering buying Pistol? Or maybe I've missed something...

  4. Sick or not, we had a peaceful day here, which is just what Easter should be. Pistol is a DOLL, and now I need to read backwards to find out about her!


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