Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Meet Lucy

This morning before work I took a lesson on Lucy.  She's a 12 year old Dutch Warmblood.

Meet Lucy.

Lucy is very kind, very sweet, very honest.  She is also very sensitive (no whip required) but not reactive. If she feels insecure, she rushes.  But she also stops if you ask her to halt.

Her walk and trot are dreamy.  Smooth, cadenced and forward.

She glides across the arena in leg yield.

And she rushes at canter.  A lot.  The first time, my brain went "Oh, sh*t!"  But I asked her to transition down to trot and she did.  She settled and we tried again.

Her transitions are smooth and effortless.

If I sit deep, think about a slower cadence in my mind, and soften my elbows while half-halting, she does relax.  A bit.  I think we could get there.

I'm taking another lesson on Friday.  Stay tuned.


  1. She looks very nice. And the most interesting thing about the pictures is that you look much more relaxed and comfortable than you did when riding Winston - the lack of tension in your body is noticeable.

  2. I'm back.......love your new header shot. Oak Creek is looking gorgeous!

  3. a pretty bay mare and you two look sweet together. I love Lucy too :)

  4. She is the most beautiful bay!


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