Sunday, April 6, 2014

Project Sunday

Last week Brett took his truck and utility trailer into town to get supplies for the chicken house.  When he took the trailer out from its parking place behind the barn, he almost went into the creek.  The corner behind the dog run going to the back of the barn is tight.

The gate also looked like, well, crap.  The gate itself was hung catywompus and we had wired a dog pen onto the bottom so Kersey couldn't crawl underneath.  We all know how she excels at crawling under fences.

Today, Brett worked on moving the dog pen back about six feet and installing a real gate.  I spent the afternoon in the garden, planting at truckload of lily bulbs and dahlia tubers in my mom's memorial garden.  Brett finished up the dog area just before dinner.

Much improved!  And Brett can cut the corner without going into the creek.  That's an improvement too.


  1. he is a handy one, that husband. :)

  2. Looks great good job Brett. B

  3. Where did Bret get the gate? It looks like exactly what I need for a project and everything I have been able to find, isn't that good.

  4. To answer your guess, I was born in 1940, he was born in 1946. Is Sedona no longer with you? I know she wasn't well, and I miss things when I don't go on the blosg every day. I hope you don't mind me asking. You know how you come to care about the animals you get to know on the blogs.


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