Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Hoe House

Brett and I spent this weekend working on my garden.

We found a shed for my garden tools at the nursery.

The garden is starting to look and feel like garden instead of a weed patch.  I hung a sign I used to have in my greenhouse at Aspen Meadows on the door of the shed.  I had to keep it -- Camille modified it when she was small.

Brett put PVC pipes to my garden beds and all the fruit trees.  He installed valves and will hook them up to an automatic timer.  I worked on drip lines in all the beds.

We had dinner with friends last night and the salad was made with mache from her garden (and a passion fruit vinaigrette).  Outstanding.  Of course, I had to pick up some mache at the nursery this morning.

I also planted some thyme, a jalapeno pepper and an artichoke.

My rhubarb is going nuts.  I need to make a pie.

The herb bed is going gangbusters.

My mom's garden is starting to come together.  I'm planing sweet alyssum around the lilies as they emerge from the ground.

Even the roses that border the front of the garden are starting to bloom.  This weekend definitely felt like spring despite the cold and rain.


  1. So jealous! We're still below freezing at night.

  2. Can't get over how much greener everything is. Will this stay if you don't get another drought?

  3. oh no! you have roses? Our trees are just starting to bud! waaah


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