Monday, April 7, 2014

New Residents

This pair of Canada Geese have taken up residence at Oak Creek Ranch.  They spend most of their time in the clover pasture, digging in the marshy ground with their beaks, wading through the water standing in the low corners, and resting near the goat pen.

They also spend part of the day in the donkey pasture.  The geese wade in the pond and the donkeys graze on the grass.  They seem oblivious to each other.

I love hearing them honk honking when I leave for work in the morning -- and when I return home in the evening.


  1. I know a lot of people who call Canadas flying rats, but I LOVE them!

  2. I absolutely love Canada Geese! Last summer we raised a pair from day old goslings, and then they left when they heard the call to go south. That was the plan for them and it was a very memorable experience. I miss my Ethel and Fred!!

  3. I love Canada Geese, they are so stately! We raised a pair of day old goslings a year ago. What an experience.

  4. really nice to have them around, i'm sure.


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