Friday, September 6, 2013

White Trash

That's us, all right.

A toilet is on the porch.  The refrigerator is in the living room.

The living room furniture is on the front porch.

The old disgusting floor is gone.

The new floor is stacked in the entry.

The house is full of flies and dust.

And we're going out to dinner.


  1. How about a privacy screen for the porch?

  2. dang straight you are!

    Thats the best part about "building" "moving in" - you can eat all the takeout, restaurant in and bags of doritos you want...

    because you deserve it!


    Looks like progress to me!

  3. White Trash! Are you kidding? Don't you know what a great planter that toilet would make on the front porch....


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