Thursday, September 12, 2013

Of Quail and Gates

Sometimes I think we should have named this place
Quail Creek Ranch.
There are quail everywhere.
Little families scurrying through the pastures,
rustling in the berry bushes,
and congregating under the oak trees.

They are very shy, though.
I sneak up on them with my point and shoot camera,
but they always hear me coming and scoot-fly away.
I love these birds.
I wish you could see them up close.
I need TexWis Girl to come take pictures of them for me.
Here's my best shot of the
State bird of California.

When we put in our front gate,
we were asked about putting horses or deer or an oak tree on the gate.
No contest; no discussion; easy decision:

We even have a quail on the pedestrian gate.

We couldn't be happier with the main gate, 
built by John Hall, 
and the pedestrian gate 
built by Tom at Iron Willow.
They are both local here in El Dorado County.
They both do awesome work.


  1. Love the quail and yes they are indeed hard to get photos of, even ones that live in human areas. The gates rock!

  2. The quail are adorable with their little crowns :D
    Love your gates, definitely the perfect choice.

  3. Pretty gates and fencing is MEGA eye candy for me.
    Your gate is GORGEOUS! I'm super jealous!

  4. Oh you are watching quail's which are very pretty and I am watching turkeys I love that and I know you do too. Sometimes I wish Tex was here capturing my turkeys too she is so good at it. Have a nice weekend watching. Hug B

  5. FABULOUS gates!!! wonderful! i envy you and your quail!!!

  6. i hope you don't mind, but i'm gonna link this post to Friday's Fences at

  7. How the gates....very unique! Welcome to FF

  8. Great Gates! I love the noises Quail make and their little whirring wings when they spook and fly away.

  9. Love the gate with the family of quails. You don't often see quail up on a fence or rather I have not.

  10. Love both! How are the floors coming?

  11. love your GATES!!!! they are perfect - and I bet the quail agree (upright posture and all lol no slumping quail here!)


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