Sunday, September 15, 2013


We started this morning full of plans. After riding, I was going to work on unpacking and setting up the tack room. Brett was going to start painting the great room and breakfast nook.

After picking paint colors from swatches and starting the first load of laundry, we went out to ride. It was already uncomfortably warm in the sun by the time we tacked up and rode to the dressage court.

Winston was a bit sluggish. I'm sure part of it was the heat but we also heard hooves pounding in the pasture early this morning. It went on and on and on. The nights are cooling off as we approach fall and the early mornings are cold. I reached down and pulled up the quilt that was folded at the foot of the bed. Winston and Mufasa did laps.

I spent quite awhile in walk, making sure Winston was staying forward without me nagging. Once he was marching, we started walking in 10m circles to loosen up his back and get his hind leg reaching under. We did some loopy trot work -- serpentines and circles working on tempo, steadiness in the contact and relaxation. Because he was a bit sluggish, I knew he wouldn't buck in the canter transitions so I went ahead and asked. Boy are we out of shape. Winston was huffing and puffing below while I was huffing and puffing above.

The full dressage court is big. Brett and Mufasa can work on their trot and canter at one end and we can work at the other without eating each others' dust. I noticed that I was doing a better job at keeping my eyes up; looking past the court into the oaks; feeling like we had room to stretch out.

(Speaking of oaks: thank you for the concern regarding acorn toxicity that some of you expressed in the comments. We haven't actually seen the horses eat any acorns. Acorns are bitter and not usually a favorite of horses. A few acorns nibbled here and there are not a problem for horses on a regular diet of weeds and hay).

Brett and I were both toast after our ride. I sat on the porch crunching an asian pear and nibbling on cheese while Brett watched football dozed in his recliner. We made it to the hardware store to buy the paint but that's as far as we got on our plans for the rest of the day.

We've been invited to dinner across the street tonight by Vanessa's family (remember her visit a few weeks back?). I have to save my energy so I don't fall asleep in my food. How rude would that be!


  1. Isn't it just so awesome to ride in Autumn !
    Love the content dog face :)

  2. At least you are riding. Painting is a drag....

  3. I think that we all slow down a little at this time of the year. It's natural, nature does it :)

  4. I can relate to the huffing & puffing! Me & Flurry were like that when we rode out with Endurance Girl a few weeks back - and that was just walking uphill!


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