Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Frick and Frack

Winston loves to gallop down the fence line in the oak pasture, throwing a cloud of dust from his hooves.  He banks right past the last pine tree and makes a wide turn then, as he straightens on the uphill side, he digs in and accelerates.  The thing is, it isn't much fun to do alone.  It only takes one nip on Mufasa's haunches and he has a willing partner.  Back by the pasture gate, between laps, they rear and snake their heads at each other.  Then they are off, racing under the trees.  Jackson trots in small circles, tossing his grey mane and head to show he has attitude.  This morning, I caught him bucking with all four feet off the ground and adding a bit of canter to his circle.  Mufasa and Winston were at the other end of the pasture; Flash was placidly watching -- amused no doubt.  No one was nipping Jackson, his antics were self directed.

I arrived home from work before six o'clock which gave me time to play with Winston before chores and sunset.  I changed into my work jeans and headed outside.  I set up a jump in the arena and grabbed Winston's halter from the hook by his stall.  As I walked out to the oak pasture, I saw Winston and Mufasa running laps again.  Winston saw me, paused and then left Mufasa at a canter, running to the gate to meet me.

Winston was full of energy but respectful as we walked to the arena.  I led him inside, closed the gate, and slid the halter off.  He trotted off to explore while I walked to the center and picked up the lunge whip.  I didn't really need it.  Winston cocked an ear at me and broke into a canter.  He threw in his signature move, kicking out with his left hind while all four feet were off the ground.
Not ready to jump yet

A little disorganized

And then he started nailing the jumps
Winston finished up with a beautiful scopey jump, stretching his back and tucking his front feet, as he easily cleared the poles.  I let him take a victory lap before walking him, sweaty and happy, back to the pasture for dinner.


  1. Great photos... is it my imagination or are your horses all a lot more energetic in the new place?

  2. This reminds me, it's time to start composing my letter to Santa

    Dear Santa

    I have been very good this year. Please may I have a pony now?

    Thank You

    Love Julia


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