Monday, September 2, 2013

Barn Priorities

Brett is in charge of unpacking and organizing the barn.  His first priority was setting up an area for hay storage.  With the pallets he built, we can comfortably store 40 bales.

Next, Brett filled the refrigerator with essentials.  This is our refrigerator from Aspen Meadows -- it doesn't fit in the refrigerator space for house so now we have a fancy barn refrigerator.
Ice cream, popsicles, ice and ice boots.

The storage stall is filling up with boxes.

Today we moved the horses back to the clover pasture so Brett could install a new gate.  The current oak pasture gate, like all the gates on the property, is not level and scrapes into the ground.  The gate was very heavy and awkward to close especially with a horse on a lead line in one hand.  While Brett worked on the gate, I did a lot of work upstairs unpacking Camille's room.  Now both Kyle and Camille's rooms are ready although I think it will be awhile before they come up to visit.  Camille will come at Thanksgiving and I imagine Kyle will come when the ski resorts open.

Next week, Brett has promised to hire Saul and have him do the heavy work.  Saul is young and strong and works hard.  Brett has a hard time hiring someone to help do work that Brett can do.  Its an ongoing battle but Brett is beginning to use Saul more; a trend I'd like to see continue.  


  1. Look at those beautiful pallets! Yep, that Brett is starting to get smart. Hope he continues to get all the help he can.

  2. mmm Corona, my favourite beer!
    I like your barn fridge!

  3. Oh I am so glad Brett figured out getting help is not a bad idea. I find My Hero does not understand how much easier it would be to share the load:) Things are looking great. B

  4. So much hard work. I am wondering if this is Brett's full time job now?

  5. Brett sounds like my husband, so I'm glad he will get help. The barn looks nice and I love your header photo. What a dream photo for an old horse love like me.

    Thank you so much for your kind words on Soldier's passing and for caring about him. I'm glad you are my friend here in Bloggyland.


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